The Working Group on Artisanal and Alluvial Production (WGAAP) is the youngest working group of the Kimberley Process (KP).

The WGAAP aims to promote more effective internal controls on the production and trade of alluvial diamonds. This will ensure that only diamonds produced and traded in accordance with national legislation and Kimberley Process Certification Scheme standards can be exported or polished locally.

The work of this group goes to the very heart of the KP, since over 10 million diamantaires, miners and diggers, including their families, are precisely in this sector of the industry.

Chair Democratic Republic of Congo
Regional Coordinators Brazil (South America), Sierra Leone (West Africa) and the Democratic Republic of Congo (Central and Southern Africa).
Members Angola, Brazil, CameroonCentral African Republic, , Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, EswatiniGabonGuinea, Ghana, Guyana, Liberia, LesothoNamibia, Sierra Leone, South AfricaTanzania, Togo, VenezuelaZimbabwe
Observers the People's Republic of China, the European Union, the Russian Federation, the United States of America, World Diamond Council, Civil Society Coalition, ADPA, DDI@Resolve