The Committee on KPCS Review (CKR) is tasked with coordinating the periodic review of the KPCS, as provided by the KPCS Core Document and the 2010 Plenary AD on Efficiency. As the CKR develops recommendations on individual issues, it should provide these recommendations to Plenary on an on-going basis. The CKR should perform its work during the years of 2012 and 2013*, although its mandate may be extended if needed.

Chair Botswana  
Vice-Chair Canada  
Members Democratic Republic of the Congo, European Union, India, Israel, Namibia, Russian Federation, South Africa, United States of America, World Diamond Council, Civil Society.  
2011 Established.  

* Committee mandated to work 2012-2013, with extensions if necessary.

Public Summaries


Public Summary record of Working Group Teleconference 6 July 2012

Participants: Botswana, Canada, EU, India, Russian Federation, UAE, USA and the Civil Society Coalition

This meeting reviewed rules and procedures and outlined the steps necessary to permit Participants and Observers to bid on and potentially host the ASM, discussed procedures and deadlines for proposals on Priority Areas, and tentatively scheduled a CKR three day meeting for early October. The committee will continue to hold monthly teleconferences.