We are pleased to announce that the 21st Kimberley Process Plenary under the UAE’s Chairmanship of the KP will be held in Dubai from 12-15 November, 2024. This significant event marks the second full gathering of the year exclusively held for KP participants and observers.


  • Dates: 12-15 November 2024
  • Location: JAFZA One Convention Centre, Dubai, UAE

The agenda will be shared in due course.

About the Kimberley Process Plenary
The Kimberley Process Plenary marks the pinnacle of this year’s KP agenda. With delegates from around the world coming together to discuss and adopt key administrative decisions, it is a crucial event in our ongoing efforts to regulate the international diamond trade and prevent conflict diamonds from entering the market.

The KP Plenary is exclusively for KP participants and observers only.

Hosted by

Ministry of Economy, UAE


Objectives of the Plenary
The annual KP Plenary serves the key purpose of the adoption of Administrative Decisions: Participants review and adopt essential administrative decisions that guide the Kimberley Process's operations and strategies for the upcoming years.