Le Comité de participation et présidence aide la présidence du processus de Kimberley à traiter l'admission des nouveaux participants*. Il informe également la présidence de toute violation du système de certification par les participants, situation pouvant entraîner leur expulsion.

Le Comité de participation et présidence examine et évalue les candidats au poste de vice-président. Ses conclusions sont présentées lors de la réunion plénière. Le participant sélectionné pour la vice-présidence devient président l'année suivante.

Le comité est constitué des presidents de KP précédents. Le président de KP de l'année précédente deviant le président du PC l'année suivante.

Président la République populaire de Chine  
Membres l'Afrique du Sud, l'Angola, le Botswana, le Canada, La République démocratique du Congo, la Namibie, la Fédération de Russie, l'Inde, Israël, l'Union européenne, le Conseil mondial du diamant, la Coalition de la Société CivileLes Etats-Unis d'Amérique  

*The relevant sections of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme document for admission of new participants are II, V (a), VI (8,9)

Public Summaries

Public Summary record of Participation Committee Teleconference of 23 May 2013


The PC will join with the WGM for two sessions on CAR.  The PC will then have two independent working sessions: one primarily focused on Mali and the other devoted to discussion of other candidates.


The review team leader presented a synopsis of the April visit.  The team encountered professionalism, excellent preparedness and attention to detail at every turn.  The team found the environment extremely safe: it visited government offices in Bamako and mines south of the capital, which are located 2500 km from the civil strife in the north.  The team finished its report and submitted it to the Malian Focal Point for suggested edits.  The PC Chair asked for an in-depth presentation by Mali and the review team at Intersessional.


Burkina Faso needs to identify a focal point and import/exp

Public Summary record of Participation Committee Teleconference of 4 April 2013

The PC Chair noted that he received no response to the 15 March letter to Venezuela from the PC and indicated that extensive effort had been undertaken to have Venezuela join the teleconference.  He noted that he had spoken to the KP Chair on the matter; the KP Chair is waiting for guidance from the PC on how to move forward with regard to Venezuela.  There was agreement that the current status of "self-suspension" is not actually provided for in the KP's rules or guidelines, and a potential solution would be to change the current status to "suspension," which would bring the situation within KP rules.  The PC Chair indicated he would thus draft a letter that provides this as a recommended option for the KP Chair to consider, as well as add other provisions related to assistance that the KP would continue to offer Venezuela as it continues to work on its internal controls system.

Public Summary record of Participation Committee Teleconference of 7 March 2013

Mali's representative  shared that the National Assembly in place in Mali right now is the same one that was in place before the 2012 coup and noted that the violence in Mali is 2500km from the diamond-mining areas.  He noted that artisanal production exists and that some companies have been licensed by the government for industrial production, but that no diamonds are being mined industrially.  A review visit to Mali and Burkina Faso was tentatively planned for late April.

The PC Chair indicated that he had provided Venezuela with the minutes from the last PC Call and was awaiting a response to the questions posed to them.  He noted that the PC is under obligation to report back to the KP Chair officially cir 1APR, when Para 5 of the 2012 Plenary Communiqué dictates that Venezuela meet certain commitments.  The PC Chair recommended that views of various PC members be consolidated into a letter to Venezuela, delivering the minutes, inviting them to the subsequent teleconference, and reminding them of the pending issues.

The PC Chair informed the PC that the WGS had informed the PC that three Participants had not met their statistical reporting requirements for 2012 Q3.  He noted that the PC had contacted the three Participants (Indonesia, South Korea and New Zealand) and had encouraged them to submit their data as soon as possible.

Public Summary record of Participation Committee Teleconference of 29 January 2013

PC members expressed concerns regarding the lack of new information in the documents Venezuela recently submitted to the KP.  The Washington Plenary Communiqué requires that Venezuela host a review mission before 1APR2013, and requires proper statistical submissions immediately.  A Venezuelan representative provided an outline of current steps being taken by Venezuela to comply, including the formation of a new state Mining Corporation, which will coordinate all mining activities including diamonds.  Regarding a visit by the PC, the representative indicated that President Chavez must formally approve any international visits, and as he is currently still recovering from poor health, it may be some time before this visit can be planned.  He recognized that some illegal mining and smuggling are taking place.  As of 2008, the military has been responsible for stopping illegal mining, but securing 400,000 km2 has proven very difficult to do.  Mining is an important factor in the new 2013-2019 plan.  There was general consensus that if a delay of the visit were necessary that Venezuela must submit a formal request to the KP. Venezuela also needs to provide written reports that include the information shared on the call, in addition to the details of the Mining Corporation.

Burkina Faso is waiting on the adoption of a mining code and had sent draft codes for PC member review.  It was commented that the legislation appears incomplete and still needs amendments.  The PC discussed whether it should conduct an expert's mission to Burkina Faso in 2013, which the Burkinabe representative welcomed.

The countries that will be sent letters on 1FEB are: Bahrain, Chile, Egypt, Gabon, Mauritania, Peru, and Zambia.  Presently the PC lacks POC info for the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Cabo Verde, Kuwait, Mozambique, Qatar, Philippines, and Tunisia.