On the last day of their internal coordination meeting (23 February), the Civil Society Coalition (CSC) discussed with the Kimberley Process (KP) Chair the Coalition's ways of strengthening diamond governance including through better KP implementation. The three pillars of the KP - governments, industry and civil society – have a common interest in upholding the credibility of the Scheme and the EU in its role of KP Chair is committed to promoting an open dialogue on the ongoing reform process.

Shamiso Mtisi, the newly appointed coordinator, stressed that – despite the challenges they faced – "the Civil Society Coalition is standing" and is keen to defend the rights of diamond mining communities.

"The Civil Society Coalition plays a critical role – without it, there would be no Kimberley Process today", KP Chair Hilde Hardeman said.  "The KP Chair stands ready to work collaboratively with all KP Participants and Observers to deliver concrete results."

On 8 March, the Kimberley Process Chair will meet the Chairs of the Kimberley Process Working Bodies as well as representatives of industry and the CSC in New York, to coordinate respective work programmes.