The Administrative Support Mechanism (ASM) was established in 2013 hosted by the World Diamond Council within the Kimberley Process. The operation of the ASM depends on full cooperation with the KP Chair, Working Groups, Ad Hoc Working Groups, KP Participating countries and Observers or any other working body of the KP in order to perform its functions successfully.

The Administrative Decision on the Administrative Support Mechanism (ASM) for the Kimberley Process (November 2011) lists four tasks for the ASM.

Task: Knowledge Management and Institutional Memory (on web site and otherwise; for public view or for KP only view):

a. Collection and maintenance of all finalized KP documents reflecting decisions and actions taken by the KP Chair, Plenary, working groups or Ad Hoc Working Groups. This includes maintaining identification and contact information of all members of all Working Groups and Ad Hoc Working Groups.

b. Collection and maintenance of all minutes of meeting of all Working Groups, Ad Hoc Working Groups.

c. Collection and maintenance of all KP reports, including Participants Annual Reports, Reports of Review Visits and Missions.

d. Collection and maintenance of all Participants’ implementing legislation, and a specimen of KP Certificates with updated authorized signatures.

e. Collection and maintenance of data pertaining to Participants’ contact/focal point for import/ export confirmations and all other KP matters, including the submission of statistical data to the KP statistics web site.

Task: Communications

a. Update and maintain KPCS web site, including by archiving and publishing meeting communiqués and other public facing communications from the KP Chair.

b. Distribute notices from the KP Chair, other relevant information to Participants and Observers regarding meetings (telephonic or in person).

c. Under the clear direction of the KP Chair, and for his use, prepare communications on behalf of the KP Chair in response to inquiries from members of the public and the media. The ASM would not serve as a spokesperson for the KP, KP Chair, or any other component of the KP.

d. Facilitate communications between and among members of Working Groups and Ad Hoc Working Groups.

Task: Logistical Support for KP Chair, Chairs of Working Groups and Ad Hoc Committees

a. Assist KP Chair is planning Intercessional and Plenary meetings and any other meetings organized to accomplish the work of the KPCS.

b. Assistance to the Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring in organizing review visits or missions and any other logistical arrangements requested by the Chair of the Working Group on Monitoring. c. Encouraging the finalization and submission of annual reports, review visit reports, review mission reports, or any other required reports or other written reports on activities of any working body of the KPCS.

d. Follow up on implementation of agreed upon actions, decisions or any other undertakings of any KPCS working body or the KP Chair.

Task: Requests for Technical and Professional Assistance

a. Receipt and analysis of requests for training, data, technical assistance or support, research.

b. Referral of such requests to appropriate KP bodies for response or for provision of such technical research or support.

c. Follow up of such referrals, with results provided and published, as appropriate.