After DDI's inception in December 2006, heads of state meeting at the G8 Summit in June 2007 noted that they "encourage support for the ... multistakeholder Diamond Development Initiative (DDI), which emerged from the Kimberley Process to strengthen the developmental impacts associated with artisanal diamond mining in Africa" (Growth and Responsibility in the World Economy, Summit Declaration – 7 June 2007).

DDI is a development-focused, conflict prevention initiative that brings together NGOs, governments and the private sector in a concerted effort to help formalize and improve social and economic conditions in the artisanal diamond mining sector. Although it is completely independent, DDI works with and through the Kimberley Process, which it complements and parallels.

Through education and policy dialogue, DDI seeks to promote better understanding of the issues relating to the artisanal diamond mining sector. Working directly with governments of artisanal and alluvial diamond-producing countries throughout the design and implementation of projects focused on artisanal miners, DDI seeks to provide concrete solutions that are especially relevant to this sector.

DDI's current projects include the Development Diamond Standards TM (DDS), which relates to bringing certified, ethically-produced artisanally-mined diamonds to the market; the Registration of Artisanal Miners and Diamond Production Tracking, which enables implementing countries to meet the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme's requirements on internal controls; and a pilot Human Rights Education project for KP member countries with alluvial and artisanal diamond production.

The Diamond Development Initiative is an independent, registered Canadian non-profit charitable organization. DDI@RESOLVE it is an integral part of RESOLVE, a registered charity and 501(c) (3) non-profit organization incorporated in the United States.